Command Description
m!help Look at the list of commands
m!clear <number> Clear a number of messages
m!clearuser <Member> <nimber> Clear a number of an specific user
m!ban @member <reason> Ban a member
m!kick @member <reason> Kick a member]
m!warn @member <reason> Warn a member
m!say <message> Say a message with the bot
m!unban <MemberID> Unban a member
m!say <message> Say a message with the bot
Message Counter
m!me See all messages on all servers
m!top See the leaderboard of all messages
m!ranks See the ranks of messages
m!profile See your rank profile
m!tutorial Info Command
m!rankxp See your rank message
m!freevip Info “How get vip”
Utility Command
m!google <SEARCH> Search something in google (NSFW)
m!name <NEWNAME> Change your nickname easy
m!avatar @Member See the avatar of a member
m!infobot @Bot See info of a bot
m!mcnames <MINECRAFTNICK> See information of a minecraft player
m!rps @Member Play Rock, Paper or Scissors with a member
m!ytsearch <SEARCH> Search a youtube video
m!mcaccount See all info or a MC account
m!wallpaper Search wallpapers (Mobiles & Windows / Mac / Linux)
m!dog See a cute dog
m!cat See a cute cat
Image Bot Editor
m!grey @Member Make grey avatar image
m!invert @Member Invert all color of an avatar
m!menorblur @Member Make a image blur
m!mayorblur @Member Make a image MORE blur
m!avatar @Member play with the avatar of a member
m!deltransparency @Member Remove background of avatar
m!sepia @Member Make Sepia effect on a image
Music Commands
m!play <SONG> Play a song in voice channel
m!volume <VOLUME> Select the volume of the bot
m!skip Skip a song
Action Commands [Disabled]
m!kiss @Member kiss a member
m!slap @Member Slap a member
m!hug @Member Hug a member
m!pat @Member Pat a member
m!poke @Member Poke a member
Other Commands
Roleplay Commands
m!blockoffrol Blocks messages with // or /
Server Config Commands
m!serverlanguage <EN/ES> Select the server language EN or ES
m!setlogchannel #Channel Select the log channel
m!antiraid <YES/NO> With this you protect your server.
m!slowmode <TIME> <INTERVAL> Select a specific slowmode
m!disableslowmode <TIME> <INTERVAL> Disable slow-mode
Support Commands
m!bugreport <BUG> Report a bug
m!updates See the updates of the bot
m!invitebot Invite of the bot
m!specialthanks All thanks of the bot